Ever since I was a young boy, around the age of 10, 11 or so, I was exposed to computing in the form of Z80 CPU range, then continued onto 086, 186, 386, x86 later on. At the same time in my childhood there was a lot of console gaming in the form of Nintendo, Sega, GameBoy, Commodore and of course everything in the realm of Arcade. I was an avid and frequent visitor of my local neighborhood Arcade place and loved gaming ever since.

My favorites as much as I remember were:

Arcade: Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Double Dragon, King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown.

Sega: Sonic

Nintendo (8 bit, NES): Super Mario Bros, Contra, Ninja Turtles Tournament (enjoyed this one with my brother a lot), Street Fighter, Tank, Bomberman, Arkanoid

In the PC gaming: Operation Flashpoint, Battlefield(all), Lineage2, Need For Speed(all), Quake(all), CS(all), GTA(all), Age Of Empires, Transport Tycoon, and many more.

For the section here I will present what is current for me as a guilty pleasure checklist when I get some free time or I need to unload. Usually it’s going to be Battlefield but I enjoy many other games.

On my new rig I will make some demos and post them here. It will be also as a reference of how well the PC is performing under heavy intensive games but also I will try to capture some fun stuff happening usually in the game when I play.